The Eternal Dance

The center and the matrix of the universe is not a machine or a monastery—it is a dance, a ballet, a perichoresis, an interaction of love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit that is so beautiful, so exuberant, so marvellous that the Triune God purposed to create us so that we would be part of the dance and participants in the eternal fellowship of the Trinity. Could anything be more amazing than that?

–Jurgen O. Schulz


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  1. this is for “Jurgen Schulz” and I ask for the use of this sign “eternal dance” for a book cover. I like it and it´s a fine art work for Perichoresis. I soon publish a philosophical work with the headline: “the in-between as a sphere of authenticity”.
    thank you for answer nd
    have a good time
    Holger Richter

    • Hello:
      The trinity symbol you refer to is one I picked up on the internet and I have not been able to track down who designed it. A number of internet sites make us of it. I’m sorry I don’t more information than that. I wish you the best with your book! –Jurgen

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