We are included

There is only one circle of delight in the universe.  The Father loves the Son, his beloved, and in him he is utterly thrilled.  “Thou art My beloved Son, in whom My soul delights” (Matthew 3: 17; 17:5).  We are not to stand before such delight, and wonder how we could ever thrill the Father’s heart like Jesus does.  The good news is that we are included in Jesus Christ.  We have been given the gift, as Professor James Torrance says, of participation in Jesus’ very own relationship with the Father in the Spirit, and thus in the delight of the Father for His own Son.

–C. Baxter Kruger


All-surrounding grace

As swimmers dare

to lie face to the sky

and water bears them,

as hawks rest upon air

and air sustains them;

so would I learn to attain

free fall and float into

the Creator Spirit’s deep embrace,

knowing no effort earns

that all-surrounding grace.

–Deinis Levertov

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The heavenly dream

The God of orthodox Christianity is a God who loves undeserving, vile sinners with an unconditional love, a God who voluntarily suffers on the cross the hellish nightmare that the sin of these sinners produces, in order that they might share in the heavenly dream he has for them. This is a God who sent his own eternal Son and gave his own eternal Spirit to envelop these sinners with his own eternal love and cause them to share in the eternal joy of this eternal triune fellowship.

–Gregory Boyd

God is like Christ

If the finest spirits of the human race should sit down and think out the kind of a God they would like to see in the universe, his moral and spiritual likeness would gradually form like unto the Son of Man. The greatest news that has ever been broken to the human race is the news that God is like Christ. And the greatest news that we can break to that non-Christian world is just that—that the God whom you have dimly realized, but about whose character you are uncertain, is like Christ.

–E. Stanley Jones

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