Getting back to centre

The Jerusalem leaders came near smothering the gospel in the beginning. It was Paul who loosed it from its Jewish fetters. He dared follow the living Christ into the heart of paganism. He came back and told what God had wrought. The Jerusalem leaders were forced into liberality by the facts produced, but when they drew up some of the things considered essential for Christians among the Gentiles we find among essentials: “to abstain from things strangled from blood.” Binding up the gospel of Christ with that! Of course it dropped away, for the gospel was at grips with bigger issues. It may be that to future Christians some of the things that we consider essential in our systems will seem just as absurd as this does to us…

Plagues are said to come upon thise who add to or substract from the book of Revelation. The things that have plagued Christendom in the past are the things that we ave added to the gospel and the things that we have taken from it. The plagues of controversy and division and weakness will be largely lifted when we get back to the centre—Christ.

-E. Stanley Jones


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