Trivial pursuit

Our small view of Christ leads us to see many other things much bigger than they really are. When one fails to appreciate the unspeakable wonder of God’s Son we can find ourselves fascinated by so many other topics of marginal importance. And “Trivial Pursuit” becomes more than a game—it becomes a lifestyle. We get taken up with all kinds of “winds of doctrine.” Max Lucado put it well: “How many pulpit hours have been wasted on preaching the trivial? . . . How many leaders have saddled their pet peeves, drawn their swords of bitterness and launched into battle against their brethren over issues that are not worth discussing?” Lord Chesterfield wrote in a letter to his son, “Frivolous curiosity about trifles, and a laborious attention to little objects which neither require nor deserve a moment’s thought, lower a man.” How often have we not succumbed to this foolishness! It becomes all to easy when we loose sight of the incomparable glory of Christ. It was spoken of disciples long ago that “they no longer saw anyone . . . except Jesus.” They saw all that really mattered. When the indescribable Christ starts to fill our vision, everything else, as Fanny Crosby put it, “grows strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”

–Jurgen Schulz

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  1. I think it’s Lord Chesterfield instead of G.K. Chesterton, because the latter had no children.

    • I believe you’re right. Thanks for clarifying this. I’ll make the correction.

  2. You’re welcome 🙂

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