The apparent dichotomy

Is God absent when I play Scrabble, get a haircut, toss a Frisbee, make love, vote, walk the dog, see a movie, make a living, wash the car, or bury my nose in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? While baking a cake, do I have to listen to a tape of Gordon MacDonald to feel that I am pleasing God? The apparent dichotomy, engineered by the prince of darkness, between spiritual life and the quotidian, often mundane activities that consitute the woof and warp of life banish Jesus within us to the savannahs of heaven. The journey becomes prosaic rather than poetic, speech rather than song, and tangibles, visibles, and perishables become an adequate substitute for Paul’s ringing affirmation, “Life to me . . . is Christ” (Phillippians 1:21).

–Brennan Manning

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