Deluge of goodness

Within God wells up an outgoing, boundless tsunami of goodness. There is an unstoppable expansiveness about it. Father, Son and Holy Spirit shared and rejoiced in it together before time began. Their delight in extending and pouring out goodness moved them to create a world that would be flooded in its fullness as the waters covers the sea.

The sending of the incarnate Son of God gives even greater testimony to its abounding reality. His ghastly death on a cross is the ultimate display of this irrepressible, overflowing goodness that overcomes all obstacles. Its generous magnanimity is relentless and inexhaustible.

“God delights to communicate
and spread his goodness,”
stated 17th century
Richard Stibbes.

We have been created and redeemed to be overwhelmed by this torrent of divine beneficence, and it will be the cause of unending, ever growing celebration.

Our enjoyment of this deluge of goodness is never going to stop or diminish. We are destined to be eternally engulfed—so hang on to your hat.

–Jurgen Schulz


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