He gives a Song


Life to me has not been a struggle. It has been, and is, a Song. The struggle has been only when I have departed from His Way. Only when I have jumped the rails of his Way and have bumped along the ties of my own self-will, tearing myself and my situation to pieces, have I had a struggle, a struggle to get back on the rails, to get back on the Way to live – his will.

When I am in his will,
life is not a struggle;
it is a Song.

And it is a Song, not a song, a ditty to divert you from reality, but a Song which has behind it the “music of the spheres”; the sum total of reality is behind your Song. You have something to sing about. You sing the song that the “morning stars sang” and when “all the sons of God shouted for joy” – that strain is in it. You have cosmic backing. You sing because you can’t help it. It’s the only method of expression . . .

But my Song will not be primarily about special events, but about the special event, about Jesus Christ. I have something to sing about – and the something is a Someone.

–E. Stanley Jones
A Song of Ascents

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