A down to earth God


The doctrine of the Incarnation means that God has come right into the midst of the tumult and the shouting of this world. In the most literal sense, it was a “down to earth” realism that gave the Gospel birth. Therefore to separate Christianity from social concern is to corrupt it at its roots; in the strong language of the apostle, it is to “make God a liar.”

When Jesus was born of Mary in the stable at Bethlehem, when He toiled at a carpenter’s bench in Nazareth, when He walked the crowded ways and lovingly identified Himself with the struggles and the miseries of men, when He suffered under Pontius Pilate, it was a declaration that divine eternal truth and the tough concrete actualities of the human situation belong together; and “what God hath joined together let not man put asunder.” It is an unholy divorce those Christians are aiding and abetting who separate “spiritual” religion from such “material” issues as feeding the hungry, rescuing the refugee, and enfranchising the racially disinherited.

–James Stewart
A Faith to Proclaim

Image: Emil Nolde


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