Known, accepted and cherished

Glory of Evening Kinkade

To believe in this Jesus means that we believe ourselves to be known, accepted and cherished by the Father Himself. And what happens to us and in us when we encounter such Divine acceptance? What happens in us when we believe ourselves to be at-home with the Father? Are we plunged into bondage? Are we overwhelmed with fear and anxiety? Are we turned into religious androids? Do we become workaholics, materialists, sexual addicts, murderers, gossips? Are we enslaved to the crowd?

Glory of Evening Kinkade copy

No. We find ourselves released, set free from the very things that enslaved us. We find a new freedom from the tyranny of work and greed and lust, a new freedom from the need for the approval of peers. We find ourselves at peace and playing golf in the kingdom, filled with joy and hope, free to look into our daughters’ souls and share life with them, free to rest, free to love, free to be who we are. We find ourselves flourishing.

–Baxter Kruger

Artwork: Thomas Kinkade

Nothing to prove

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The gospel frees us
from the relentless pressure
of having to prove ourselves,
for we are already
proven and secure.

–Tim Keller

Image: Stephen Darbishire

The miracle

The miracle is not . . .
to cast out demons, heal the sick
and turn multitudes to the faith.
The miracle is to be loved, forgiven,
and accepted by God.

More than you dared to believe

One way to put the Gospel
in a nutshell is this.
You are more wicked
than you ever dared believe
and yet, you are more loved
and accepted in Jesus Christ
than you ever dared hope.

–Timothy Keller

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