When God Became Visible

christ-1e-copyNo one has ever seen God until they see Jesus. Every other portrait of God — from whatever source — is subordinate to the revelation of God given to us in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word of God, the Logos of God, the Logic of God in the form of human flesh. Christians are to believe in the perfect, infallible, inerrant Word of God — and his name is Jesus. Jesus is the icon of the invisible God.

–Brian Zahnd,
The Faceless White Giant,

Creation renewed

The story the Bible tells does not begin with the Fall and end with judgment. It begins with a good creation and ends with a new creation.

–Brian Zahnd

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The ghost of Plato

We’re always in danger
of making Christianity too spiritual.
It’s the ghost of Plato.
Christianity is a flesh and blood faith.

–Brian Zahnd ‏

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