Clinging to grace

Ocean Rolling-Waves 2

I am throwing all
my good works overboard,
and lashing myself
to the plank of free grace;
for I hope to swim
to glory on it.

–C. H. Spurgeon

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Bridge of grace


The bridge of grace will bear your weight, brother. Thousands of big sinners have gone across that bridge, yea, tens of thousands have gone over it. Some have been the chief of sinners and some have come at the very last of their days but the arch has never yielded beneath their weight. I will go with them trusting to the same support. It will bear me over as it has for them.

– C. H. Spurgeon

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Abundant in mercy

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God is more ready
to forgive me than
I am ready to offend.

–C. H. Spurgeon
(1834 – 1892)

Getting the message right


I preached morality till I made
all the people in my church immoral;
but when I began to preach the gospel,
the dumb began to sing!

–C.H. Spurgeon
(1834 – 1892)

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The crucial truth

And now, dear brethren . . . allow me now, most earnestly, to impress upon you the absolute necessity of being sound on the doctrine of the Trinity . . . A gospel without the Trinity! it is a pyramid built upon its apex. A gospel without the Trinity! it is a rope of sand that cannot hold together. A gospel without the Trinity! then, indeed, Satan can overturn it. But give me a gospel with the Trinity, and the might of hell cannot prevail against it; no man can any more overthrow it than a bubble could split a rock, or a feather break in halves a mountain. Get the thought of the three persons, and you have the marrow of all divinity. Only know the Father, and know the Son, and know the Holy Ghost to be one, and all things will appear clear . . . he who understands this, will soon understand as much as mortals e’er can know.

–C.H. Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

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