Faith prays


Those who do not believe do not pray.
This is a good functional definition of faith.
Faith prays, unbelief does not.

–John A. Hardon

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Beware of losing the wonder

Faith cannot be intellectually defined; faith is the inborn capacity to see God behind everything, the wonder that keeps you an eternal child. What is your faith to you—a wonderful thing, or a bandbox thing? Satisfaction is too often the peace of death; wonder is the very essence of life.

Beware of losing the wonder,
and the first thing that stops wonder
is religious conviction.

Whenever you give a trite testimony the wonder is gone. The only evidence of salvation or sanctification is that the sense of wonder is developing not at things as they are, but at the One who made them as they are. There is no set definition of faith into which you can fit these men and women; they were heroes of faith because they “endured as seeing Him who is invisible.”

–Oswald Chambers
(1874 – 1917)

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