The Potency of Heaven’s Love


God’s love is not
mild-mannered and limp;
it is livid, potent, and committed.
And therein lies our hope.

— Mike Reeves

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Love’s compulsion


Divine love
is incessantly restless
until it turns
all woundedness
into health,
all deformity
into beauty and
all embarrassment
into laughter.

–Beldon Lane
The Solace of Fierce Landscapes

Heaven is not boring

Heaven is not boring.
In fact, only heaven (and heaven’s
colonies on earth) is not boring . . .
(It involves) the most joy-filled,
glory-weighted purpose
any heart has ever imagined:
receiving and giving back infinite, absolute,
inconditional divine love forever . . .
The one thing it can’t be is boring.

–Peter Kreeft

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