Recovering Childlikeness


Jesus took a little child and set him in the
midst of His disciples, not to tell the little child
he must become like Peter and James and John,
but to tell Peter and James and John that
they must become like that little child.

—F. W. Boreham

Cause for Wonder


There are tremendous astonishments in the Christian evangel which, however baldly stated, should fire my sluggish soul with wonder, and fill it with amazement. The fact that I listened so blandly shows that I have I have become blasé. I am like soldier in the trenches who no longer notices the bursting shells about him.

— F. W. Boreham,
The Baby and Bombshell

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Adventuresome road

It must be made clear…
that the narrow path
that leads unto life
is as crowded
with adventure
as the broad path
that leads to

–F. W. Boreham
The Ivory Spires

Astonishing cross

Cross diagonal 2

The Cross never finds
its rightful place
in a man’s heart
until it takes his breath away.
It becomes life’s supreme
and most bewildering

–F. W. Boreham
The Drums of Dawn

Never seen before


Half the fun of waking up
in the morning is the feeling
that you have come upon a day
that the world has never 
seen before.

–F. W. Boreham

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A matter of altitude


All through life,
sunshine is simply
a matter of altitude.

–F. W. Boreham

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Not for sale


Love is never for sale.
There is no currency—
material or moral—
by which the Divine smile
can be bought.

–F.W. Boreham

New beginnings


God is for ever and for ever
getting new mornings
out of old nights,
fair beginnings out of
dismal endings.

–F. W. Boreham

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