The Creator’s design

“The highest heavens belong to the Lord,
but the earth he has given to mankind.”
(Psa. 115:16)

Why did You create all these things? They were all made for man and man was made for You. That was the order which You established. Woe to the one who reverses it, who would that all should be for him and turns in upon himself. He breaks the fundamental law of creation.

–François Fenelon
(1651 – 1715)


The exuberance of infinite love

This love which He has for us bears His infinite character. He does not love us as we do, with a limited and narrow love. When He loves, the dimensions of His love are infinite. He descends from heaven to earth to seek the creature of clay, which He loves. He becomes man and clay with him. He gives His flesh to eat. It is by such wonders of love that the infinite surpasses all the affection of which men are capable. He loves as a God, and this love is entirely incomprehensible. It is the height of folly to wish to measure infinite love by limited knowledge. Far from losing any of His greatness by this excess of love, He engraves it with the character of His greatness, marking it with the exuberance and ecstasy of an infinite love.

–François Fénelon (1651-1715)

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