The Descent of God


He has entered our flesh,
our frailty, our failures.
You don’t have to lift
yourself an inch.
He’s come all the way down.

–Glen Scrivener

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Glimpses of paradise

Healing blind man

Jesus is like a walking,
talking garden of Eden –
a sphere of paradise on earth.
With him wrongs are righted,
darkness is dispelled
and everything that’s twisted
gets smoothed out again.

―Glen Scrivener

Redefining God

Baby Jesus & Mary 5

Christmas calls 
for a total revolution 
in our view of God.

–Glen Scrivener

It’s all about Him


Jesus isn’t the vital piece
of the puzzle.
He’s the picture.

–Glen Scrivener

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God’s message to man

Sun over mountains2

Jesus is the Word of God.
He is not the best Word.
He is not the ultimate Word.
He is not the seal of series
of improving words.
He is the Word.

–Glen Scrivener

Rethinking God


Christmas calls for
a total revolution
in our view of God.

–Glen Scrivener

Without Trinity, what is left?

If we ditch “Trinity”, we’re left with some unconditioned power as ultimate reality.  You could call it fate, karma, a divine decree, entropy, or ‘blind, pitiless indifference’ [Richard Dawkins], but in biblical terms you might as well call it the devil.  With these kinds of beliefs about the world, power does not serve love, love serves power.  Such a state of affairs seems a decent description of the kingdom of darkness.  Without Trinity, you’re left with Satan…

When Trinity is forgotten, God is re-cast as an insatiable sink-hole of need.  “A perfect being must seek itself” is the logic of this philosophical (and Unitarian) position.  Therefore, say the philosophers, God seeks himself.  And he only seeks us as a means to seeking himself.

If this were true then self-absorption is ultimate reality.  Essentially it would be more blessed to receive than to give.  The gospel would be our life given to God.  Discipleship would consist of our spiritual offerings.  And mission would be our duty to find recruits for God’s great ego trip.

With the Trinity, though, things could not be more different.  When the Radiant God is in view, perfection is expressed in seeking what’s dark (Matthew 5:43-48). His glory is His grace.  The gospel is God’s life poured out for us.  Discipleship consists of receiving His offerings.  And mission is God’s outgoing life to which we’re invited.

–Glen Scrivener

Not a maths problem

The trinity is not a maths problem.  The trinity is the good news that God is love…

So, to find the pulse of the universe (if you want to tap into the heart beat of reality) what do you find?  You find fierce, passionate, determined, life-giving love that flows between the Generous Father, His Beloved Son and the Life-Giving Spirit.

The life of these Persons, the relationships which they share IS the source of all true beauty, joy, goodness, holiness and love. To belong to this God, to participate in this circle of divine friendship is the goal of all existence, it is the meaning of life.

–Glen Scrivener

Look again at the Gift

Do you feel that God loves you?  Look again at the Gift of the Son and you will see the Father – the Father of Jesus and your Father.  See this Gift given to you and remember that He is yours not because you are good – you aren’t; not because you were receptive – you weren’t; but because of God’s own prior and indomitable love.  See His nature expressed in Jesus.  See Him spread His arms, though it cost Him His life, and know that this is the love of God for you.

–Glen Scrivener

He succeeded

He took the very flesh and blood of our humanity and He redeemed it.  Where we had failed, He succeeded, where we had sinned, He obeyed, where we had fled, He stood tall, where we had hated, He loved, where we had erred, He taught, where we were enslaved, He set free, where we were ashamed, He gave dignity, where we grasped at glory, He gave freely, where we clung to life, He poured it out.

–Glen Scrivener

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