The Self-Disclosure of God

Jesus puts God on display:
He is what God looks like (Heb. 1:3).
He is what God lives like (Jn. 5:19).
He is what God loves like (Rom. 5:8).
He is what God has to say (Jn. 14:10).

God explained

blank squareChrist 25 copy Jesus is the exegesis,
the exposition,
the explanation of God.
We cannot know God
outside of Christ.
There IS no God
outside of Jesus.
He’s God enfleshed.
      –Frank Viola

A Jesus-like God

The gospel begins with Jesus, not with God. Apart from Jesus you know little or nothing about God, and what you know is wrong. If you don’t see God in the face of Jesus, you see something other that God—and different.

Jesus is the self-revelation of God:
God meeting us in understandable form,
human form, the Word become flesh.

God is a Jesus-like God . . . apart from Jesus your ideas of God become strange and uncertain. When you lose Jesus, you lose God . . . the more I know of Jesus the more I know of God.

–E. Stanley Jones

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