When Christ left the grave


When Christ left the grave, it was not merely an announcement that there is a hereafter and a life beyond, it was the shattering of history by a creative act of God Almighty. In this cosmic event God was doing something comparable only with what He had done at the first creation.

This was the beginning
of a new era for the universe,
the decisive turning-point
for the human race.

In the Resurrection the new age had arrived, and this stupendous miracle signified the storming of history and the transforming of the world.

—James S. Stewart
A Faith to Proclaim

King of joy

Don’t be put off by these gloomy caricatures of Christianity. For God’s sake don’t judge Jesus, the King of joy, by them! Try the real thing, not that miserable parody of the reality. Make friends with Jesus, stand where Peter and John and Andrew did and look into His eyes, listen to the music of His voice, answer His challenge, rise and follow.

–James S. Stewart (1896–1990)

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