The Most Profound Idea


Karl Barth was asked once what was the most profound theological idea he’d ever thought or heard. This is a man who wrote eight thick volumes of systematic theology and many other books besides. What was the most profound thing he’d ever thought or heard?

“Jesus loves me, this I know,” he said, “for the Bible tells me so.”

Those simple words can be the crown of a lifetime of insight, because this love came down, rose up, never stopped, and runs to embrace even you, even me.

–Mark Buchanan,
The Holy Wild

Not Content to Be God


For your sake God was not content
to be God but willed to become man;
for you He emptied Himself that
you may be exalted.

–Karl Barth

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Responding to Grace

blank squareRoad Home-744913 C copyThe only legitimate
and genuine answer
to the unconditional
Yes in which
God forgives us
is an equally
human Yes.

–Karl Barth

The power of weakness

The omnipotence of God

is shown in the fact
that he can assume
the form of human
impotence and
can triumph
in this form.

–Karl Barth


Grace and gratitude


Grace evokes gratitude
like the voice an echo.
Gratitude follows grace
like thunder lightning.

–Karl Barth

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The secret of His beauty

Trinidad 4

The triunity of God
is the secret
of his beauty.
If we deny this,
we have a God
without radiance,
without joy,
without humor.

–Karl Barth

Reason to rejoice


God is the one
who helps us, who accepts us,
who brings us holiness
in our unholiness.
In this God we may and can
and must rejoice.

–Karl Barth

Art: Stephen Darbishire

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Set free

freedom dove

The gospel is God’s declaration
that all the prisoners taken
in his war against human sin
may leave their cell and return
to their true home. 

–Karl Barth

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Ultimate Truth

cc9d602b38d24f3646ac866c76159637The gospel
is not a truth
among other truths.
Rather, it sets
a question mark
against all truths.

–Karl Barth

Image: Giles Clare

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Cause for rejoicing


Joy is the rarest and most infrequent thing in the world. We already have enough fanatical seriousness, enthusiasm, and humorless zeal in the world. But joy? This shows us that the perception of the living God is rare. When we have found God our Saviour – or when he has found us – we will rejoice in him.

–Karl Barth
(1886 – 1969)

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Our prison door is open

door 3

Look once again to Jesus Christ in his death upon the cross. Look and try to understand that what he did and suffered he did and suffered for you, for me, for us all. He carried our sin, our captivity and our suffering, and did not carry it in vain. He carried it away. He acted as the captain of us all.

He broke through the ranks of our enemies.
He has already won the battle, our battle.

All we have to do is to follow him, to be victorious with him. Through him, in him we are saved. Our sin no longer has any power over us. Our prison door is open . . . When he, the Son of God, set us free, we are truly free.

–Karl Barth
(1886 – 1968)

Dangerous disconnection

If anything Christian be unrelated to the Gospel, it is a human by-product, a dangerous religious survival, a regrettable misunderstanding.

–Karl Barth

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Joy is
the simplest form
of gratitude.

–Karl Barth (1886 – 1968)

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Basically and radically
all sin is simply

–Karl Barth (1886 – 1968)

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When theology becomes idolatry

The deepest crevice of hell
is reserved for theologians
who love their theology
more than Jesus.

-Karl Barth

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