Love is the foundation

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Love is the foundation of all obedience. Without it, morality degenerates into mere casuistry. Love is the foundation of all knowledge. Without it religion degenerates into a chattering about Moses and doctrines and theories; a thing that will neither kill nor make alive, that never gave life to a single soul or blessing to a single heart, and never put strength into any hand in the conflict and strife of daily life.

–Alexander MacLaren
(1826 – 1910)

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We know in part


Like all human knowledge,
the knowledge of faith
is also fragmentary.
Only when faith remains
aware of this does it remain free
from arrogance, intolerance
and false zeal.

–Hans Küng
On Being a Christian

Photo: Sunset in Mt. Hehuan

A voyage of discovery

Baby on the road

Life is a pilgrimage of learning,
a voyage of discovery,
in which our mistaken views are corrected,
our distorted notions adjusted,
our shallow opinions deepened
and some of our vast ignorances

–John R. W. Stott

Not half so sure

scenic path

When I was young I was sure of everything;
in a few years, having been mistaken
a thousand times, I was not half so sure
of most things as I was before;
at present, I am hardly sure of anything
but what God has revealed to me.

–John Wesley
(1703 – 1791)

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Differing knowledge, same love


“For our knowledge is imperfect,
and so is our prophesying.”
(I Corinthians 13:9 WEY)

Even to Paul it must have been unthinkable that all believers’ imperfect knowledge could coincide in every detail, so that we would have no disagreements and so that each of us would receive exactly the same correction in glory.

Surely Paul implies that my imperfect knowledge
is different from your imperfect knowledge,
but that in spite of disagreement, love must
still characterize and unite us.

Even if “though I may be wrong, I am not as wrong as you,” I am in the worst possible wrong if I therefore do not love you, or if I refuse to fellowship with you because your imperfect knowledge is more imperfect than mine.

–Author unknown

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