Seeking The Source


Only when your heart
experiences love from a new source
beyond anything it’s ever known before
will your heart start to move
toward that source, and begin
to be deeply changed.

– Tim Keller

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Not alone

424926_Tree-Lined-AvenueI know:
there is someone
waiting for me,
who will not
give up on me,
who goes ahead of me,
who lifts me up,
someone to whom
I am important.

–Jürgen Moltmann

Known and loved

Stephen Darbishire 1940 - British Interiors and Landscape painter - Tutt'Ar@ (23)

Tolkien says of the Gospel, “There is no tale men more wish to be true.” For life’s greatest joy is to be loved, passionately loved, infinitely loved; to be totally known, with all our wrinkles, and yet totally loved . . .

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To be loved and known at once: that is Heavenly. Remember the joy you felt when you received even a little of that, even the tiniest approximation to that, from one little stupid, sinful human being like yourself? Now multiply that by infinity, which is the difference between humanity and divinity, and you begin to understand the joy of being known and loved by God. Loved how much? This much. Christ-much.

–Peter Kreeft
The Philosophy of Jesus

Image: Stephen Darbishire

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Loved and valuable

598193_9a7d3138052d812e4fda8aab2555b969_large copy

God loves us, not because 
we are so valuable; rather 
we are valuable because 
God loves us.

–Helmut Thielicke
(1908 – 1986)

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Longing to be loved


As soon as we become
spiritually deaf to the voice
that calls us the beloved,
we are going to look someplace else
to make us the beloved.

–Henri J. M. Nouwen

Image: Nelleke Pieters

Nothing to prove

looking out at the bay

When we know we are loved by God,
we don’t have to prove
anything to anyone.
There is nothing we can do
to make ourselves more beloved
than we are.

–Jonathan Martin


magical-forest copy

In his love he wraps and holds us.
He enfolds us for love,
and he will never let us go.

–Julian of Norwich
(1342 – c. 1416)

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Love that cannot be earned

Do I really believe that I am loved first, independent of what I do or what I accomplish? This is an important question because as long as I think that what I most need I have to earn, deserve and collect by hard work, I will never get what I most need and desire, which is a love that cannot be earned, but that is freely given. Thus, my return is my willingness to renounce such thoughts and to choose to live more and more from my true identity as a cherished child of God.

–Henry Nouwen

To be loved by God

All desires but one can fail.
The only desire that is infallibly fulfilled
is the desire to be loved by God.

–Thomas Merton (1915 – 1968)

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When we are loved

Faith is the direction
our feet start moving
when we find that
we are loved.

–Frederick Buechner

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