God throws away power

When God gave us free will, the Maker did indeed throw away power. When Christ came to us as Jesus, that was an even more radical throwing away of power. But that’s what our loving God does!

God throws away power over and over again,
while we greedily grab for it.

A lover wants to love the beloved, not to wield power, but to love, hoping that the love will be returned in the same way. When we are caught up in power we are not free, but in bondage to the power we have grasped.

God is completely free because
power has been laughingly thrown away
in order that love may reign.

The throwing away of power requires enormous power. The all-powerful God who manipulates every event is like that Oriental potentate. When Lord Acton wrote that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, was he thinking only of human power? God’s rejection of power makes me wonder.

–Madeleine D’Engle

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