Grace and goodness

garden path copy

O my Divine Love,
the desire I had to please You,
the tears I shed, my great labours
and the little fruit I reaped from it,
moved Your compassion.
You gave me in a moment, through
Your grace and Your goodness alone,
what I had been unable to give myself
through all my efforts.

–Madame Guyon
(1648 – 1717)

Friendship with God

The fellowship of God is delightful beyond all telling. He communes with his redeemed ones in an easy uninhibited fellowship that is restful and healing to the soul. He is not sensitive nor selfish nor temperamental. What he is today we shall find him tommorrow and the next day and next year… He is quick to mark every effort to please Him. We please Him most not by frantically trying to make ourselves good but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections and believing that He understands everything and loves us still.

–A. W. Tozer

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