Called to join the Dance

Our desire for God did not originate with us. We did not initiate the possibility of this relationship. The Trinity made it possible and kindled the desire within us. We do not initiate this relationship. It is God who invites us to join the trinitarian conversation already occurring. The triune God invites us to share in intimacy with God and summons us to enter the communion of self-giving love.

The dynamism of mutuality and self-giving
goes on everlastingly in the being of God,
and we are being drawn in.

Prayer is joining an already occurring conversation. The Spirit calls us to participate in the relationship of intimacy between Father and Son and be caught up in the dance already begun. In prayer on this earth we join the dance and begin to experience the movement and interplay of the trinitarian Persons.

–Clark Pinnock


When I pray,
coincidences happen;
when I don’t,
they don’t.

–William Temple
(1881 – 1944)

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Prayer is needed

We should not permit prayer
to be taken out of the schools;
that’s the only way
most of us got through.

–Sam Levenson

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Prayer and the running of the universe

Prayer is not a game or a religious exercise.
It is the means by which God has chosen
to engage us in the “running” of His universe.

-Don Walker

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Prayer is . . .

Prayer is “talking with God
about what we are
doing together.”

–Dallas Willard

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Real prayer

Real prayer comes
not from gritting our teeth,
but from falling in love.

-Richard Foster

A definition of prayer

To ask that the laws
of the universe be annulled
in behalf of a single petitioner
confessedly unworthy.

–Ambrose Bierce
(1842 – 1913)

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