The Sun Always Shines


Measure not God’s love
and favor by your own feeling.
The sun shines as clearly in the darkest day
as it does in the brightest.
The difference is not in the sun,
but in some clouds which hinder
the manifestation of the light thereof.

–Richard Sibbes

Extreme mercy

Waterfalls-are-enchanting-god-the-creator-20186095-670-454 copy

There is more mercy
in Christ than
sin in us.

—Richard Sibbes

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Spreading goodness

God’s goodness is a . . . spreading goodness . . . If God did not have a . . . spreading goodness, he would never have created the world.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were happy in themselves and enjoyed one another before the world was. But God delights to communicate and spread his goodness.

–Richard Sibbes

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