Eternal expansion of joy

Our experience of God will never reach its consummation. We will never finally arrive, as if upon reaching a peak we discover there is nothing beyond.

Our experience of God
will never become stale.
It will deepen and develop,
intensify and amplify,
unfold and increase,
broaden and balloon.

Our relishing and rejoicing in God will sharpen and spread and extend and progress and mature and flower and blossom and widen and stretch and swell and snowball and inflate and lengthen and augment and advance and proliferate and accumulate and accelerate and multiply and heighten and reach a crescendo that will even then be only the beginning of an eternity of new and fresh insights into the majesty of who God is!

–Sam Storms

Invited to the Party

God created us so that the joy He has in Himself might be ours. God doesn’t simply think about Himself or talk to Himself. He enjoys Himself! He celebrates with infinite and eternal intensity the beauty of who He is as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And we’ve been created to join the party!

–Sam Storms

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Increasing joy

Heaven is not just
the existence of joy,
it is the increase
of joy forever.

 –Sam Storms

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