Pleasure and Pain


Pleasure and pain are, in a word, the positive and negative poles between which flow the currents of human life. Detach one pole, and this life will cease. People who ask for a painless world don’t truly know what they are asking for.

–Dallas Willard
The Allure of Gentleness

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The coming joy


While other worldviews
lead us to sit in the midst of life’s joys,
foreseeing the coming sorrows,
Christianity empowers its people to sit
in the midst of this world’s sorrows,
tasting the coming joy.

–Tim Keller

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Why did this happen?

We have no right to ask, 
when a sorrow comes, 
“Why did this 
happen to me?” 
unless we ask 
the same question 
for every joy 
that comes our way.

– Philip E. Berstein

No unhealed sorrows

Earth has no sorrow
that heaven cannot heal.

–Thomas Moore
(1779 – 1852)

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Faith and joy


The opposite of joy
is not sorrow.
It is unbelief.

–Leslie Weatherhead

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