The Sun Never Says

The Beauty of Mount Bromo Sunset in Java Island copy

All this time
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that.
It lights the

Sufi poet

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The sun, planets and grapes


The sun, with all those planets
revolving around it
and dependent upon it,
can still ripen a bunch of grapes
as it if had nothing else
in the universe to do.

–Galileo Galilei
(1564 – 1642)

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The curse that kills wonder

The curse that came before history has laid on us all a tendency to be weary of wonders. If we saw the sun for the first time it would be the most fearful and beautiful of meteors. Now that we see it for the hundreth time we call it, in the hideous and blasphemous phrase of Wordsworth, “the light of common day.”

–G. K. Chesterton
(1874 – 1936)

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