God’s Utterance


Jesus of Nazareth is God’s utterance. He is the Word of God because no more thorough, personal, and beautiful revelation of God is possible.

He who is the perfect statement and rhetoric of the Father, the revealer of divinity, shows up in the form of a servant and sufferer and overturns our notions of deity. The One who is to be worshiped, exalted, and obeyed comes to serve and to give and to lay down His life for others. He unveils the essential truth and unsurpassing glory of the divine nature—a God who pulsates with goodness and power and love and beauty. Jesus reveals a God whose blessedness lies in giving rather than receiving, whose essence is an overflowing, unstoppable tsunami of grace. “Jesus Christ is the mercy of God,” wrote Karl Barth, “he is the love of God, he is the open heart of God.”

The Lord of glory has made Himself know in His Son—and He turns out to more wonderful than we ever imagined.

-J.O. Schulz

The human life of God

The Word is not a spelled out Word, it is a lived-out Word. He is indeed the speech of eternity translated into the language of time, but the language is a Life. God’s method is a Man. Jesus is God speaking to man in the street. He is God meeting me in my environment, a human environment. He is God showing his character in the place where our characters are formed. He is the human life of God. He is that part of God which we have been able to see. And if the rest of God is like this that we have been able to see, then all is right. God means well and he means to make us well.

–E. Stanley Jones

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