Differing knowledge, same love


“For our knowledge is imperfect,
and so is our prophesying.”
(I Corinthians 13:9 WEY)

Even to Paul it must have been unthinkable that all believers’ imperfect knowledge could coincide in every detail, so that we would have no disagreements and so that each of us would receive exactly the same correction in glory.

Surely Paul implies that my imperfect knowledge
is different from your imperfect knowledge,
but that in spite of disagreement, love must
still characterize and unite us.

Even if “though I may be wrong, I am not as wrong as you,” I am in the worst possible wrong if I therefore do not love you, or if I refuse to fellowship with you because your imperfect knowledge is more imperfect than mine.

–Author unknown

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At the Center of Everything

“I and the Father are One”
is the center-truth of the universe.
And the encircling truth is,
“That they also may be one in us.”

–George MacDonald

Qualified to command love

There are other religions which claim belief in “one God,” and still others which worship many gods. But only Christianity embraces the magnificent reality of the Trinity, of three Divine Persons subsisting in perfect unity in the one Godhead.

Only a God who lives Himself in love can call upon a man and a women to love one another, let alone command all men to love their enemies.

This God alone embodies the power for gathering into the unit of love the vast multiplicity of mankind. He alone is at the same time the Creator, the Perfect Example, and the Transcender of personhood: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

–Mike Mason

The Inner Life of God

The scriptures speak much about divine life or eternal life.  We need to understand that it is not only the quantity of life that is depicted, but it is the quality of life that is most important.  Eternal life is divine life, that is, the very life essence of the Triune God.  Eternal life is the “stuff” that makes up the Divine Trinity.  This is a community life.  This is a life of oneness.  This is a life of co-working and co-operation.  This is a life of profound fellowship and unity.  This is a life of complete self-dedication to one another and a laying down of life for one another.  This is the inner life of God!

–Milt Rodriguez

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