Making a choice


We all have to choose
between two ways of being crazy:
the foolishness of the gospel
or the non-sense of values
of the world.

–Jean Vanier

No other peace


This is certain,
that there is no peace
but in the will of God.
God’s will is our peace
and there is no other peace.
God’s peace is perfect
freedom and there is
no other freedom.

–Henry Ernest Hardy

Wonderful “imposition”


It’s not tyrannical
for God to “impose”
his will on ours;
it’s the most loving thing
he can possibly do.

–Scotty Smith

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More than sin management


Being a Christian is less
about cautiously avoiding sin
than about courageously
and actively doing
God’s will.

–Dietrich Bonhoeffer
(1906 – 1945)

His will means life


God is not concerned about you doing his will because he wants to be obeyed. He is concerned about you—about making you blessed with his blessedness. He is not thinking about himself, but about you.

–George MacDonald

Image: Nelleke Pieters

His will is glorious

Road-Winding-Road-webs copy

Anytime we emphasize
the difficulty of obeying
the will of God above
the rewards and fruits
of doing His will,
we will have a victim’s
approach to obedience.
His will is glorious.

–Bill Johnson

Image: Paul Klenck

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Coming home

Glory of Morning

The soul of man
can finally shout
“Home, sweet home,”
when it has found its true rest
in the will of God.

–Fuchsia Pickett

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Living to the hilt

Wherever you are, be all there!
Live to the hilt every situation
you believe to be the will of God.

–Jim Elliot

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